The Way to Become A Winner In Sports Betting

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Most people have experienced placing a bet at some point in life but there are those who find great pleasure in the excitement and for some it becomes a favorite pastime. The ability to pick winners has been a much sought after skill since Akk’s cave-mate Erk deduced that the four legs of the Saber Tooth tiger were twice as many as Grok’s two legs. This observation gave Akk the inside knowledge and statistical analysis to make an educated decision when agreeing to the bet. Erk shared this information with Akk and Akk got the win in sports betting. Akk gave Erk a shiny new rabbit skin for his help and the handicapping industry was born.



Sports betting are the attempt to predict the outcome of sporting events by compiling research and analysis to determine a winner. Nowadays, there is much more information to pour over and many factors such as the team’s or individual’s history, trends and the proper way to use the point spread and odds can make the difference between selecting a winner or loser. Today, in sports betting handicappers develop and employ their own system to determine who has the best chance of winning. Handicappers sell their observations and advice to bettors that would like to increase their chances of winning.



 Moreover, there are a few things to understand when deciding whether or not to use a handicapper. The first is to understand that the average bettor is not going to have the time or the access to complete the necessary research to make winning picks – keeping up with all the numbers is a full time job! Handicappers complete all the research and sell their selections to the general sports betting public. The next thing to consider is the cost associated with employing the services of a handicapper. But consider that a handicapper may charge $200 a month to provide bettors with picks, but if these picks win or “hit,” and the bettor can make $600 per month on those winning selections, the handicapper’s fee is well worth it, especially compared to losing on your own. There are a few things to look for when selecting a handicapper. The first is that the handicapper you select should be honest and up front with their history as a handicapping professional. All of their past picks, performance record of wins and losses and how they determine their picks should be out in the open.

Also be wary of any handicapper that use the terms “lock,” or “sure thing,” because any seasoned gambler will tell you - there is no such thing. Additionally, stay away from the high pressure sales pitch. You should feel comfortable about whom you have managing your money, and that in essence, is what a handicapper will do for you. After all, you are placing these sports betting on the basis of their picks so remember: they work for you and not the other way around.

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The Way to Become A Winner In Sports Betting

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The Way to Become A Winner In Sports Betting

This article was published on 2012/04/03